About Us

Quintessential Barrington was launched in September 2005 with one goal: To provide the Barrington area with a magazine that would reflect the quality way of life and richness of tradition and style that is the hallmark of this community. Today, we have become the "voice of Barrington," capturing this inspiring lifestyle within the magazine's glossy, beautifully designed, and informative pages. Our rapidly growing readership looks forward to each issue delivering in-depth stories that are relevant to their daily lives, interests, and dreams.

Quintessential Barrington generates tremendous excitement in Barrington and beyond because we provide our readers with stories that matter: stories about our neighbors, friends, and organizations that have an impact on our way of life. Each issue offers articles on travel, the arts, style, health, home, local events, and much more. It is the spirit, passion, and talent of local people that inspires our publication, and our approach places Quintessential Barrington in its own category in the greater Barrington area. Enjoy!