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Whether you are launching your business in the greater Barrington area, or need to sustain your clientele and sales revenue long term, saturate your business message to our loyal readership through print advertising. Have your ad reach more than 84,000 readers in print six times a year and have your business and website link available in our online Advertiser Directory 24/7.

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We offer several options for direct mail including blow-in postcards, tipped-on brochures or cards, post-it notes, ride-along advertisements such as catalogues and brochures that are polybagged with the magazine, bellybands, and cover-sized ads tipped onto our cover. Have your direct mail ride along with Quintessential Barrington. Inquire about the many exciting and cost-saving options for our direct mail program.

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To inquire about the many options available to grow your business, contact us at 847-381-3860 or email

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For questions on technical specifications and to submit your ad, please contact Jim Klem at 847-381-3860 or email Our advertising space reservations and ad submission deadlines are below.

Advertiser and Reader Testimonials

“Advertising in Quintessential Barrington has not only “legitimized” my new career choice, but has also created awareness throughout the Barrington community that I’m now a Realtor. Knowing what a widely distributed, well-read and respected publication it is, QB was the first advertising purchase I made almost three years ago when my son-in-law, Danny, and I became Realtors and formed our partnership, the Randall & Harris Home Team. I’m proud to say that in 2019, our second full year in the business, we closed over $10.3 million of business. Thank you, Quintessential Barrington, for being our media partner!” - QB Advertiser Sue Randall

“I just got your latest issue, and I need to congratulate you again. This is a complete success. The ads are gorgeous and plentiful. The focus on the high school is perfectly on target with your audience—this is why you own the Barrington market. What a perfect issue to present the future you are championing with your mission, by featuring examples from Barrington High School. Fantastic!” – Ed S., Marketing Director for an Advertiser

“Since 2006, CCE has been advertising with QB. We have received many fabulous clients through our ads and each one values our services. We believe the QB readers understand the value of the publication and therefore trust all who advertise with the publication. CCE knows that QB is a valuable partner for our marketing strategy.” Christina Currie, Christina Currie Events, Advertiser

“I partnered with QB roughly about the same time that I opened my practice. The trust, honesty, and integrity that QB brings to the reader brought high-quality new leads to my practice. I gained many new patients and was able to build by professional brand with QB. I highly recommend using QB to promote your practice throughout Barrington.” Dr. Thomas Jackson, The Chicago Center For Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Advertiser

“Let me congratulate you on a beautiful issue of QB! I read the sleep debate article with interest, LOVED the ‘greatest Christmas ever’ article, and can’t wait to see the Barrington White House. Thanks for the article and photo about Ten Friends. We’re also thrilled with our ad!” – Colleen R., Ten Friends at Deer Park, Advertiser

“Of all the magazines, newspapers, and publications we work with, your reminders are the most helpful, the most thorough, and the most professional. I really find them useful. Your customer service is terrific!” – Jennifer, Wickham Interiors, Advertiser

“My family is a big fan of QB—we have to get in line to read every issue—so keep up the great work!” – Scott S., Reader

“Quintessential Barrington is the only magazine that asks me to read every page; it’s hard to put it down! I’ve learned so much about Barrington and its many giving, capable people as I read. I know you told me how and why you started this magazine here and I can only say thank you for finding us. You have given us all a beautiful gift.” – Carol A., Reader

“I just loved the student issue. Great journalism and more importantly, what a great opportunity to give those students!” – Karen S., Communications Strategist

“Your November/December issue was outstanding! The stories and interviews were enlightening, and the advertising was a treat to the eye. Congratulations. You are bringing a lot of joy to Barrington residents.” – Bob G., Reader

“I have been meaning to tell you that the readership of your magazine is very good. You did a nice article in the Jan/Feb issue about my daughter. Everyone commented on this article. I was raised in this town and have a wide circle so you should be pleased to know how well read your magazine is in this town. It was a fine article as are others about all the good things happening locally, so keep up the good work.” – Holly M., Reader

“On behalf of the Roy Willmering Scout Cabin, we really can’t thank you enough for the excellent coverage provided by your recent magazine article. It is impossible for me to move around town without somebody commenting about your featured article, their cabin memories, or the 75th anniversary milestone. You have painted a truly wonderful image of this historic community treasure and its mission.” – David C., Reader

“Thank you for the copies of the Quintessential Barrington Special Edition. Never, EVER, have I seen a publication of excellence like this: the concept, the layout, the illustrations, the writing, the editing, everything. You can be so justifiably proud of this accomplishment; I am honored to be a part of it. It is so comprehensive, yet so well focused on personalities (not just events) and their legacies—extraordinary. You really captured the essence of the Barrington area and its citizens. Congratulations.” – Robert Teska, Wilmette Resident and Contributor to QB’s Special Barrington Sesquicentennial History Edition (2015). Copies are available. Call 847-381-3860.

“I read every issue of Quintessential Barrington. Not only does it tell me what is happening in the community, but I especially like the ads. They’re colorful and eye-catching and let me know what shops, services, and restaurants are local. This is important to me, because I work near Chicago and don’t always know what is available in my own backyard.” – Barbara K., Reader