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Left: “Boats” by Kathleen Newman. Right top: Piano Virtuoso Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner. Right bottom: Harper College President Dr. Avis Proctor

Swing into Spring at Barrington’s White House

By Lisa Stamos

March kicks off with a bit o’ the Irish as traditional Irish tenor Paddy Homan presents a live performance and segments from his PBS production, “I Am Ireland” on March 4. The show takes audiences on a journey through the songs and speeches of Ireland’s road to freedom between 1798 and 1916.

Our popular 2nd Thursdays Jazz Cabaret Series returns on March 11 and continues on April 8. Live streamed from Barrington’s White House, watch local jazz enthusiasts perform in an “open mic” setting, with the Marianne Kim Jazz Duo.

March 14 brings us the return to Barrington’s White House of the young piano virtuoso Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner, who will perform Chopin’s beloved “Polonaise-Fantaisie”, and Beethoven’s mesmerizing “Piano Sonata No. 28, Op. 101”, as well as “Mambo” from “West Side Story” and “Come Sunday” by Duke Ellington. Sanchez-Werner will also perform an original composition.

Our popular 3rd Thursdays Art Night Out returns once again on March 18 with “Expressions in Oils: The Collections of Frankie Johnson”. The series continues on April 15 with “Double Vision: Pastel Landscapes by Kathleen Newman and Julie Skoda”.

On April 11, Crystal Lake High School senior Quinn Welder performs a vocal recital as the 2020 winner of the Barrington Cultural Commission Rising Stars Vocal Competition, and on April 25, Dr. Avis Proctor, president of Harper College, provides perspective on the state of higher education today.

Most events feature live Q&As following the performance. For those with paid tickets, links to virtual events will be available for 30 days following the performance.

For information and tickets, go to barringtonswhitehouse.com/events.

The Poetry Hour

A Selection of Readings Written by Area Residents to be performed on may 6

Express yourself through poetry! The Barrington Cultural Commission is sponsoring a call for local writers to submit their original poems by Saturday, April 10. A group of 10 to 12 poems will be selected for a program showcasing the writers reading their poem on video. Poets who are selected will film following COVID safety guidelines. The program will be aired from Barrington’s White House on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7 p.m. as a virtual presentation.

Poem Submission Details

The theme of the poetry event is “emerging”. A broad and creative interpretation of the theme is expected. The poem must be original and read by its author. You can submit up to three poems between March 1 and April 10. Submit your poem as a PDF or Word file. Your poetic language must be appropriate for a general audience. Reading your poem should take no longer that four minutes. The filming of selected readers will take place between April 19 and 27.

Members of the Barrington Cultural Commission will select the poems. Selected authors may be asked about the motivation for their work. Send your poems to John McLaughlin by April 10. He may be reached at: john.mclaughlin229@gmail.com.

“Dancing to Pizazz” will be performed on May 8, 2021, featuring (left to right) Nick Schneider, Kim Albrecht, and Marianne Kim.

Presenting “Dancing to Pizazz” on May 8

A compelling visual and aural synthesis is coming to Barrington’s White House, May 8, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. “Dancing to Pizazz” combines the musical genius of George Gershwin and Cole Porter performed by Kimberly Albrecht, Marianne Kim, and Nick Schneider of Jazz Pizazz, with the artistry of Dancewerks and Midwest Dance Collective, choreographed and emceed by Ellen Werksman Smith. Featured songs include, “The Man I Love,” “Night and Day,” and “I’ve Got Rhythm”.

Kimberly Albrecht, director of Jazz Pizazz, is a lyric coloratura soprano, Albrecht performs a wide range of styles, from jazz standards to classical and musical theatre throughout Chicagoland. Chicago-based Marianne Kim is a gifted composer, pianist, organist, and harpsichordist. She is noted for her vibrant performances and compositions in a wide diversity of musical styles, such as classical, jazz, Broadway musical, R&B, gospel, traditional, and contemporary church music. Renowned musician Nick Schneider is rated as one of the top bass players in jazz today. He’s performed with Randy Brecker, Eddie Higgins, Buddy Rich Big Band, Teddy Wilson, and The Tonight Show Band. Ellen Werksman, director of Dancewerks and Midwest Dance Collective, is a Barrington native who began her career at age 16 with Illinois Regional Ballet and moved quickly to The Joffrey Ballet in New York. She then transitioned to Chicago where she danced professionally, produced theatrical performances, and taught at professional studios. For tickets, visit barringtonswhitehouse.com/events.

– Poetry Sidebar –

Words from Participants

Wide Audience Reach

Vivian O’Neil, age 94, is a resident of The Garlands in Barrington. She was inspired to enter the poetry reading when she saw a promotion of the event on The Garlands closed circuit television. “This was the first time I’d ever written a poem, and I was thrilled to be in the event, and very surprised that my poem was chosen,” O’Neil said. Since the poetry reading, she has been working on a memoir that, when completed, she will give to her family and friends. “I don’t own a computer, so I never got to see myself read my poem, but I was contacted by friends and family from all over the country who did see me. I even heard from relatives from as far away as Denmark!” – Vivian O’Neil

A Thrilling Event

“I am excited to hear that the Barrington Cultural Commission is planning another poetry reading event. The first reading was fun, as well as a learning experience. I have done about a dozen readings in the past, but this one was unique in that it was virtual. I thought the final product was excellent. There was a rich assortment of styles, and a variety of voices. It was quite a thrill to be part of this production.” – Trudy Kleckner

Expand Your World

As a writer and speaker, I was honored to be part of the BCC event last year. Poetry is one of the toughest genres of literature to capture the attention of more mainstream readers, so the commission’s willingness to invest time and money in producing the reading event was certainly appreciated. Given the pandemic lifestyle we’re all in, this event allowed people to take a different type of adventure—an emotional and intellectual adventure—into the power of poetry’s language and metaphors to shift one’s perspective. It was enjoyable as the performer to discover a way to present and interpret my work for a broader audience that was already under the stress and confinement of the pandemic, while also looking for a welcome diversion.

Poetry writing has offered me a new form of expression and curious pursuit I’d not explored in earlier years. Having written and performed music as a member of the 3 Lincolns, band, as well as a solo artist, poetry has a different edge to it; a different energy and rope to hold on to or to let go of. Writing poetry affords me a chance to write about things from all perspectives without all the baggage of judgment and confinement of grammar. Say it, send it. The teachers not grading my paper! So just put the ideas out there and see what happens.

Lastly, poetry is easy to get started on. One idea, one world, one emotion, and I’m off and writing. And this is a great way for anybody that wants to share ideas is to write a poem. Watch it expand and watch your world expand, too. – Russ Riendeau

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