Letter from Editor

Celebrating Our Towns

by Lisa Stamos


Photo Lisa Stamos

The Barrington area is comprised of several individual towns, yet we all come together under one school district—Barrington 220—and one ZIP code. Each town has a unique personality and wonderful advantages to offer. We started the “Our Town Series” in our first issue of the year, which featured Tower Lakes, to document each town’s interesting histories and characteristics. Tower Lakes is the youngest of all the Barrington area towns and offers a resort lifestyle complete with lakes and strong neighborly bonds.

In this issue, we are excited to share the history of South Barrington, researched and written by Barrington’s historian, Barbara Benson. Mayor Paula McCombie adds to the feature story with insights on why South Barrington is a great place to live. Credit can be given to the late Bill Rose, who literally scrambled to incorporate South Barrington before anyone else could, getting in line ahead of anyone else to submit the paperwork. Foresight from the Village of Barrington Hills founding, via its attorney and a founder, Andrew Dahlstream, helped South Barrington start out with zoning that avoids high-density housing and has open spaces for all to enjoy.

Margaret McSweeney, who graces our cover, is an amazing woman. A wife, mother, and entrepreneur, she is also an eight-year cancer survivor. She has created a massive catalog of content in the world of food and entertainment. On March 9, she will be inducted into the TASTE AWARDS Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Beverly Hills. Her charming and informative Kitchen Chat podcasts have connected her growing audience with some of the country’s most esteemed chefs and celebrities. Enjoy our feature story and be sure to check out her podcasts which are available online.

After 15 years of honoring people in “Quintessential People”, we’ve decided to hit the pause button for this issue to rethink its format. We have some fresh ideas and ask that you read the placeholder page just ahead, which is a request for who you think is “Quintessential”. Writer David Rutter helps to explain what we are looking for and we’d love your participation.

When we first started the magazine, there were some doubters who asked, “Barrington? What will you talk about?” As this magazine’s founder and editor, I remain constantly amazed, thrilled, and rewarded with stories that surprise me with their depth and regional, national, and global connectivity. Our towns are home to remarkable people, doing remarkable things. They are also home to people who are focused on raising their families in a safe place that has open spaces and one of Illinois’ top school districts.

Publishing is truly a team sport and I am thankful for all the people who make this magazine possible—especially our fantastic advertisers who turn to us to help grow their businesses.

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Happy Early Spring!