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Letter from the Editor

Fanfare for the Common Man

By Lisa Stamos

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is with art. We’ve noticed the physical message signs that have popped up to thank our first responders all over town. We wanted to speak on your behalf to get that “thank you” out to those who have put their lives on the line. We turned to artist Amelia Noyes, a Barrington native, to create the art we needed to complete that goal. We hope you love Amelia’s art, and her message, as much as we do.

This issue completes 15 years in print for Quintessential Barrington. To that end, I wanted to do something special in this issue—a one-of-a-kind piece, a keeper. The feature, All the Barringtons in the World, looks at where our Barrington fits on the world stage—where the name comes from, and how it moved across the planet. This four-section feature was researched and written in sections by John Curry, Jr., David Ross from England, and me.

As I look back to my job as the editor of QB, there are many amazing and gratifying moments. One that ties back to the very first issue is about nature, a high priority to our audience. In the first issue, Sept/Oct 2005, I had met with area stakeholders to learn their values. Then, I went out to find the content. Being a writer, a source of ideas was the Barnes & Noble. As I walked through the store, a book, “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv, caught my eye. It was such a profoundly relevant and timely discovery that the book seemed to jump off the shelf and into my arms saying,
“pick me!”

I ran a book review on “Last Child” in that first issue, and it anchored us with our readers in a way I could not have dreamed of. We didn’t have a website at the time. And people weren’t using the term “viral” like they do now. But that page went viral. We heard stories about teachers at schools who cut the page out and photocopied it, placing a copy in pre-school cubbies and handing it out en masse to students and parents. Years later I would have the privilege of introducing Richard at a large event on the North Shore. He returns to visit with us, in April Anderson’s interview.

Publishing is a team sport. I would like to thank our fantastic advertisers for making the magazine possible. They are talented people who deliver the finest products and services and we are proud to carry their messages. And thank you, for your support, help, joyful moments, photos, and the relationships that we’ve enjoyed together. I look forward to many more inspiring people and stories in the years ahead.

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