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July / August 2021 Issue

July-August Quinessential Barrington Cover

About This Issue

Enjoy our exclusive interview with the beautifully radiant and ever-so-health-conscious Mariel Hemingway. The dedicated advocate for mental health dialogue and solutions also boasts several other important roles—mother, actress, author, producer, activist, and more. How does she do it all? And why was she in Barrington in June? Read on!

Photo by Linda M. Barrett.

Healthy Home Details

It All Starts with the Foundation! Presented here are the ideas, products, and details for Barrington’s Healthy Home 2021 as featured in our July/August issue. Content provided by the Healthy Home Initiative.

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What’s New at QB

Features in this issue


Healthy Homes Make a Measurable Difference

Leeann and Rich Chang share the benefits of their healthy home

Finding Purpose and Pivioting in a Worldwide Pandemic

Finding Purpose and Pivoting in a Worldwide Pandemic

We turned to three local businesses in Barrington to understand how they were affected by the pandemic and to find out what they learned.

Barrington Hills Country Club Celebrates Its Centennial

The club in the country has offered its members wonderful times as a home away from home, as well as sanctuary through world wars, recessions, and most recently, a global pandemic.

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