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Kevin Andrew Prchal Talks About His New Album “Unknowing”

Kevin Andrew Prchal

You’ve recorded three full-length albums with “Unknowing”, released in May, being the fourth. Does each album represent a stage of your growth as an artist or more of a time-and-place in your personal growth?

Absolutely, that’s one of the joys of making albums. Each one marks a specific time in my life. It’s fun to look back and reflect on who I was and how I’ve grown as an artist.

Why did you pick the title “Unknowing”?

To me it represents being open to life’s mysteries. This album was written during lockdown and being at home every day with my then two-year-old daughter really changed me. By watching her discover the world, I was in many ways rediscovering it. The way she stops to look at an oak leaf in the grass—to her, this thing of infinite wonder—is how I’ve learned to look at my entire existence: a thing of infinite wonder. This world and our place in it is bigger than we’ll ever understand. That used to scare me, but I’ve learned to take comfort in its mysteries.

Since we last spoke, you’ve been married and are now a father. Have the moments of these wonderful additions to your life found their way into your latest album?

They’re my everything, so naturally they’re either in or between the lines of every song. The songs “The Whole World Is Burning”, “New Valentine” (which features the voice of my wife Aly) and “What Loves You Back” exemplify their influence the most. Our daughter is showing a strong ability and interest in singing, so maybe one day we can get her on a song!

We met at Crabtree Nature Preserve for your photo. Is there a significance to this location?

This is a very special place to our family. It’s where I proposed to my wife, and it’s become our go-to spot when we need to get out and take a breath and explore. My daughter loves the book walk, visiting the owls and frogs, and playing in the children’s garden. We feel so lucky to have it in our community.

What is the song “American Oblivion” about on your new album?

While I am proud to be an American, this song finds me at odds with what it means to be an American these days. Our national identity has become so fractured, there’s no longer a unifying vision to rally around. I’m hopeful we’ll find our way, but as it is, who we are and what we value is very much in a state of oblivion.

You’ve said you are comfortable creating for the sake of creating. What would you do if a third party approached you with a recording deal?

That would all depend on the deal, I suppose! But so much of what sustains an artist’s career comes down to touring, and I just couldn’t imagine being away from my family for long periods of time. That’s just not a life I want for myself. That said, my music is more than just a hobby, too. I very much consider it my life’s work.

If you were to consider doing a collaboration with another artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to duet with Lana Del Rey. She’s a fascinating artist with such a singular sound and body of work.

What advice would you offer to a younger version of yourself about pursuing music?

Young me wouldn’t want to hear anything rational about balancing music with family life! So, I’d just tell him to stay the course. It will all work out the way it’s supposed to.

What next for your musical journey?

I’m already a few songs into the next album, so I’m going to devote my time to getting that done. But I’m also interested in working with other songwriters to help them develop their songs. Maybe through co-writing or teaching, that would be a lot of fun for me.

To learn more, visit kevinandrewprchal.com

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