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July / August 2022 Issue

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A Friend in Need! Dr. Joanna Krol and her dedicated staff of more than 60 people include a team of veterinarians, veterinary surgical and dental technicians, groomers, and office personnel who are here to help! Dr. Krol is the new owner of Barrington Animal Hospital, which was founded in the early 1900s making it one of Barrington’s longest running businesses. Dr. Krol shares her vision for the hospital’s future and how her brand-new hospital and team can help your beloved family pets. Photo: Linda M. Barrett.

Carin Gerard

Contemporary Realism Painter Carin Gerard Shares Her Journey from Foster Care to Fine Artist to the Stars

What’s New at QB

Who’s Who in Home Design

Your guide to the best home design professionals in the greater Barrington area.

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Honoring Laeticia Cerdas

Although it is impossible to encapsulate a personality in a single word, ‘determined’ might be the one for Laeticia Cerdas. Or she might be better defined by a sustained five o’clock wake-up time, a rigorous near-daily workout routine, commendable academic success, and a chic put-together look that rarely falters.

Who’s Who in Health & Wellness

Your guide to the best local health care providers.

Features in this issue


Our Creatures Great and Small

Joanna Krol, DVM, brings her vision for the future to one of our community’s longest running businesses, Barrington Animal Hospital

A Foodie's Adventure in Paris

Kitchen Chat founder Margaret McSweeney shines her joie-de-vivre in the “City of Lights”

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