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Letter from the Editor

Boldly Go

By Lisa Stamos

It is a privilege to write about game-changing growth and contributions within our community. Driven by selfless, passionate, and visionary leaders, the Barringtons have incubated organizations that change the world. Think of WINGS Program, with its goal to end domestic violence, while helping people with day-to-day survival challenges; Gigi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers, a nationwide movement with nearly 60 locations; and Joy Wagner’s NeuroBalance Center, a one-of-a-kind facility and staff with customized support for people with physical challenges.

Our first cover feature of 2023 is one of the most important stories we’ve published. As one of the world’s few Cancer Prevention Programs, a team of medical professionals have a goal to boldly lead our collective experiences with cancer “upstream”—from treatment to prevention.

While many hospitals offer high-risk programs using genetic testing, genetic testing plays only a small role in the larger population that develops cancer. Other factors, such as our environment and lifestyles contribute—as does a willingness to face and address our own risks. The Cancer Prevention Program will mitigate cancer risk through precision prevention and early detection methods. Those who are at greatest risk will benefit from individually designed surveillance strategies. Our gratitude is given to the many unseen and unsung heroes who help steer and contribute from behind the scenes to make these great accomplishments a reality.

We like to inspire you with our community’s resources. Dr. Stacie Stephenson has launched Vibrant.doc, an online resource, and her book “Vibrant” as a source of guidance and information for living a healthy life. Our “Who’s Who in Health & Wellness” 2023 guide introduces you to medical and wellness practitioners in our area. We keep this guide on our website’s homepage all year for reference. And check out all the cool things you can do at the Barrington Area Library. It’s a destination with endless possibilities for the entire family.

And finally, the nearly 900 area business owners who belong to the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce know Suzanne Corr, our Quintessential Person™. This special feature in each issue of QB honors someone who makes a difference for many. With an impressive professional background, Suzanne strengthened the Chamber when she was hired, and led its members effectively during the dark period of the pandemic, and into the future. Well done, Suzanne!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

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