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Letter from the Editor

The Journey Ahead

By Lisa Stamos

T o kick off 2021, we reached out to Lauren Trzaska, a local social media influencer, to learn about her journey and the direction she is heading as her life and business model changes. Two iconic Barrington locations are characters in her story—the Barrington train station and the Ice House Mall with its three historic train cars. While we don’t have a crystal ball to see where the new year will take us, we know we’re on an uncertain journey that started a year ago. Lauren looks at outside influences on social media and offers some great advice for staying connected in a healthy way.

We are excited to introduce you to the Barrington Area Development Council’s (BADC) latest initiative. The Barrington Area Volunteer Connection is a partnership between BADC, its committee, the Barrington Area Library, and other community leaders and ambassadors. Using a software platform hosted by the Library, people who want to volunteer now have a direct channel to learn about the needs of the community, while finding their passion in the process. The program also offers nonprofits some back-office support for tracking volunteer hours, and more. This is a marvelous solution to the flattening effect on our nonprofit activities, meetings, and fundraisers due to the pandemic. We hope you will take advantage of this new way to reconnect and help make a difference.

Another annual hallmark of BADC is the recognition of a citizen who has made an impact on civic life in the Barrington area. Brian Battle, long-time (now former) Barrington 220 School Board member and president, was selected by a large group who nominated him and wrote of his accomplishments. Brian is continuing his service today by sharing insights on the necessary skill sets for a successful School Board in this issue. This offers residents an understanding of what is needed to benefit our district in the April 2021 School Board election.

The Village of Barrington Hills is featured in the “Our Town Series” which offers an in-depth look at how this rural oasis in suburbia was formed. All the Barrington area towns by Historian Barbara Benson are featured for this series and kept on our website for reference.

There is much more to enjoy in the pages ahead. We are thankful to our readers for their loyalty and especially to our wonderful advertisers who make this community focused magazine possible.

Happy New Year!

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