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Letter from the Editor

What’s love got to do with it?

By Lisa Stamos

Well, everything. If you moved to Barrington, or a neighboring village in our zip code, welcome home! You’ve picked a great place to live. In fact, it was meeting the people from this area that inspired me to create this magazine.

When my two children (now in their 20s) were attending St. Mark’s Day School, I met fun, super smart, thoughtful, and talented parents who impressed me. Some of the moms helping with events at the school seemed like they could run Fortune 500 companies.

I did not plan to become a publisher, even though writing, editing, advertising, and publishing runs in my family. I ended my first career in sales to raise my two children, but after about 6 years, they were in school for enough hours that I found time on my hands. A licensing opportunity with the Woman’s Newspaper Group was my first business venture. I established the McHenry County territory in 2003 and learned publishing. After two years, I decided to look for a deeper market. To this day, the unstoppable passion and talent of people in Barrington sustains my work. There is never a shortage of interesting people to cover, and inspiring stories are around every corner. People here know how to step up, pivot in crisis, meet unmet needs, serve selflessly, and we know how to work together. I love sharing these stories and am proud to live here.

Our first issue printed in 2005. I am forever grateful to the Barrington community and its civic leaders for embracing the magazine from day one. People knew that my mission was to provide a valuable service and to showcase Barrington in an honorable, useful, and beautiful way. We also help advertisers to grow their business.

The pandemic slowed us down, causing me to revisit our mission—offering an opportunity to refresh the contents, appeal to a new generation, and do a better job covering residents throughout all of 60010.

We’ve left 2020 behind, yet there are exhausting feelings, stressors, and questions without answers that drag along. I encourage us to figure out what most depleted us, and then to embrace and pursue what will truly replenish us, and, let’s be kind to each other.

We strive to be a lifeline to you, our wonderful community. I am doubling down on our mission to be of service to you and to our truly wonderful advertisers, who are also our friends and neighbors.

Quintessentially yours,

Lisa Stamos Signature

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