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Letter from the Editor

Our Life in Pictures

By Lisa Stamos

We learn that 100 is a good number from an early age. Whether it’s that perfect test score, a great job emoji on social media, or finding an extra hundred dollars in a pants pocket, this number is woven into our lives. So of course, we are excited to have produced this 100th issue of the QB.

This is a nice milestone for all of us. Publishing is truly a team sport, and that makes this a Barrington-wide success story—not just ours. From day one, the communities we serve have been incredibly supportive, especially our wonderful advertisers who make our work possible. We love to carry their messages to you. These are top-notch professionals who work very hard to run their businesses and offer their services to us. They’re entrepreneurs who’ve invested in their careers and taken risks to grow their business. We’re proud to be associated with every one of them.

Part of the job of a good magazine is to be a lifeline to its readers. This proved especially true during the last two years of the pandemic. We are fortunate to have people contact us to share stories, ideas, and news. As an editor, I require participation from the people we feature, usually under time pressure. You have been generous, understanding, and helpful. (Like my mom, Connie Murphy, who was an English teacher in Cary, it seems I’m always giving out homework assignments to people.)

We’ve earned your trust and our team works hard to keep it.

When you look at our life in pictures, like the many covers below, things look pretty good. A friend of mine saw a group of our covers put together like this and noted, “These are people doing what they love!” I couldn’t have said it better.

Lisa Stamos Signature

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