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May / June 2022 Issue

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Pure Prairie League! Peter Yankala is well-known for Phillips Men’s Wear, a store he has owned since 1974—a stunning 48 years of service to Barringtonians. Now dressing the 4th-generation progeny of his earliest customers, Yankala also passionately pursues avocations including photography, architecture, and travel. A specialist on the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Yankala introduces us in this issue to a little-known lakeside hideaway built by Wright and owned by former long-time residents of Barrington Hills. Step back in time and enjoy the view with our cover feature story. Photography by Linda M. Barrett.

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The team at QB thanks the community for its ongoing support and loyalty. We started in September 2005 with a vision to celebrate the greater Barrington area. Today, that mission lives on in the colorful pages of every issue.

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Honoring Susan McConnell

Barrington is home to Let It Be Us, the brainchild of Susan McConnell who is making the world of Illinois’ foster children a better place.
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Your guide to the best local health care providers.

Features in this issue


Returning Penwern to Its Original Glory

Peter Yankala passionately pursues avocations including photography, architecture, and travel. Here, he takes us to a Frank Lloyd Wright home on Delavan Lake that has been restored by Susan and John Major, former long-time residents of Barrington Hills.

Time Passages

Jeffrey T. Sanfilippo is the
4th–generation family member to lead
John B. Sanfilippo & Son

Ganster Highway

Colonial America’s consumption of alcohol progressed from a standard, oft-daily routine to a chronic national health hazard by the late 1800s.

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