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Worthy Conversations

By Lisa Stamos

Last year in our fall issue, we covered seven BHS graduates who are now in their 20s, to see where they landed. For this back-to-school issue, we have five features that serve lifelong learners, foster the human spirit, and showcase amazing accomplishments within and by our community. These stories are grand achievements and speak for themselves. Here they are.

Did you know that someone leading the global hospitality industry lives in Barrington? Fabio Viviani grew up in Italy, moved to Cali, learned the food and hospitality business, became an American citizen, and is now the American Dream personified.

Barrington is the first community to partner with the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. We hope you will attend the masterfully created and thought-provoking exhibits at Barrington’s White House and the additional programs (see pages 74 and 75). How can we continue to foster conversation about these events and what can we learn from them?

The year was 1847 and newly arriving pioneers from the East who settled here formed a church that today, celebrates its 175 years. The church was their spiritual, civic, and social gathering place. This month, join the Community Church of Barrington for its upcoming celebration on September 25.

A stunning piece of good news is that CFC is going to protect, restore, and preserve a 250-acre portion of Hill ‘N Dale Farm for perpetuity. This large corridor of open space fosters flora and fauna and supports our watershed and aquifers—our drinking water. Thank you to Kim Duchossois and Kathleen Leitner of CFC for this extraordinary gift.

In “Quintessential America” we feature a report from the Global Leadership Summit. Hosted in South Barrington and beamed around the globe, it’s an extraordinary place for learning and leading.

We truly appreciate our wonderful advertisers who choose the QB to reach you, our loyal readers. Thank you all.

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