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Letter from the Editor

Happy 50th Anniversary Barrington 220!

By Lisa Stamos

Special thanks to Quintessential Barringtonian, Don Thompson, who leads this back-to-school issue in our Guest Essay, sharing how our school district came about in 1973. It was a good move to create a stronger pathway to high school and bring about economies of scale for the families that the Barrington 220 School District serves. Today, major renovations are in motion to upgrade and modify some of the buildings, learning spaces, sports facilities, and overall security for our students, teachers, and staff. The world has so dramatically changed in the past 50 years, and this is seen in the way that students learn, and how teacher’s roles have expanded from classroom instructors to also being facilitators—co-guiding and encouraging students on their learning journey.

We live in a remarkable area with several villages in our district’s 72-square mile boundaries. All have unique personalities, geographies, and amazing diversity. Did you know that there are more than 70 different languages spoken in the homes of Barrington families? Yet we all speak the same language when it comes to school pride and spirit.

We’re pretty sure that after getting to know the young man on our cover, Lukas Van Ness, this year’s NFL season will be even more exciting as we watch his career take off. We wish him all the best! Hats off to Coach Joey Sanchez and the entire coaching team at BHS, and Leanna and Jason Van Ness, his parents, for their job well done.

We hope you enjoy this commemorative QB that highlights Barrington 220’s 50th anniversary. See you at the Homecoming Parade!

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