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March / April 2024 Issue

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ON THE COVER: What makes a house a home? Mosie Potts Himes knows the answer to that age-old question! Mosie intuitively understands how to style a client’s unique home, or special event, meeting their personal taste and standards—while delivering her own brand of chic and cozy warmth. Many of you have been to events that Mosie designed behind the scenes, even if they didn’t know it. We caught up with the busy Master Home Stylist and learned some of her design philosophy and style secrets, just in time prepare for a joyful spring. Photography by Linda M. Barrett.

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Honoring Ellaine Sambo-Reyther

Every morning Ellaine Sambo-Reyther has told her three children, and herself, to “Go out there, and do good.” To make a difference. When you get to know Ellaine, you sense that she’s someone who has followed this mantra and made good decisions at every fork in her life’s road.


Call Bacoa If …

From finding assisted living to managing dementia, it’s never too early to plan for family’s aging needs.

Bacoa’s executive director Terri Channer


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Mosie Potts Himes Celebrates 10 Years in Business

OMO Designs (On My Own) is Mosie Potts Himes’ Barrington based full-service design house built from hands-on experience with American and European luxury brands and global five-star travel,

Build 220 Is Celebrated After Its Four Year Completion

In March 2020, the Barrington 220 community came together to support a $147 million school district referendum that provided the opportunity to make significant improvements across all Barrington 220 schools.

The C. R. Stewart “Britfield” Interview

C. R. Stewart, creator of the exciting “Britfield” book series, offered us an exclusive interview for our Quintessential Barrington readers. This series has launched a fast-paced global movement of high-quality, middle school–to–young adult content that is reigniting a love of literature in students, parents, and educators.

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