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May/ June 2024 Issue

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ON THE COVER: The Stage Is Set! One of America’s oldest and most iconic entertainment venues will have a glorious second act. Opening in 1927 to traveling vaudeville performer’s colorful dance and song, then welcoming the talkies, through Hollywood’s Golden Age of film, and embracing the era of digital film distribution, the Catlow Theatre will live on. Literally hours away from an uncertain future and possible demise, Julianne and Brian Long purchased the property and have secured its future with the Catlow 1927 Foundation. Photography by Linda M. Barrett.

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Honoring Francis J. Houlihan

For nearly two decades, ‘Fran’ Houlihan has remained one of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra’s most respected, appreciated, and outstanding ambassadors. He has worked tirelessly in the Barrington community to introduce the Elgin Symphony Orchestra to a new group of listeners and donors.


Call Bacoa If …

From finding assisted living to managing dementia, it’s never too early to plan for family’s aging needs.

Bacoa’s executive director Terri Channer


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The Return of the Catlow Theatre

The Catlow 1927 Foundation and its generous sponsors will restore and preserve the iconic Catlow Theatre for future generations.

Barrington United Methodist Church’s Full Circle of Faith

Founded in the wilderness, Barrington’s Methodist Faith community thrived, and after tragedy, returned to its historic roots.

The C. R. Stewart “Britfield” Interview

C. R. Stewart, creator of the exciting “Britfield” book series, offered us an exclusive interview for our Quintessential Barrington readers. This series has launched a fast-paced global movement of high-quality, middle school–to–young adult content that is reigniting a love of literature in students, parents, and educators.

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