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The 28th Annual Global Leadership Summit 2022 Report

Quintessential Barrington shares takeaways from this year’s Global Leadership Summit held in South Barrington, Illinois, and broadcast around the world

Produced by Lisa Stamos and Susan Delay

Photography Courtesy of Global Leadership Network

Voice Your Vision

The Global Leadership Summit is hosted by the Global Leadership Network and offers an in-person event in South Barrington, Illinois as well as a broadcast around the world. More than 80,000 people participated in the event, in-person and online, but that number will exceed 225,000 following broadcasts in over 110 countries worldwide. The annual leadership and content distribution juggernaut brings together world-class thought leaders who share their inspiring and informative content with the world. The event offers networking and resources for in-person attendees as well.

Barrington leaders gathered at Barrington’s White House to watch the broadcast in conjunction with the Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Community Foundation. Don’t miss next year’s event! Register for Global Leadership Summit 2023 (August 3-4, 2023) at https://globalleadership.org/#.

Sharpen your skills and expand your leadership capacity with the GLSnext Event Series, a free 90-minute boost designed for continued leadership and growth. Attend Live Online on Thursday, November 3, 2022 at https://register.globalleadership.org/

Tom DeVries

President and CEO, Global
Leadership Network

“In times like these, the leadership challenges are great, and leadership is needed now more than ever. The Global Leadership Summit brings together leaders from a wide range of diverse backgrounds—business, education, government, church—to provide hope, inspiration, and equipping that can lead to businesses working for good, churches thriving, and communities flourishing.

We have gathered in churches, auditoriums, board rooms, classrooms, living rooms, corrections facilities, and online. We gathered in North America and later in 110+ countries around the world. We gather together—with hope for the future.”

Leadership Luminaries Voice Their Vision

Ron Howard

American Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and Actor

“The secret to lifelong partnerships includes compatibility and the ability to grow.

There are going to be difficult, stressful moments, but if we can share and agree upon the outcome goals, we have a good chance of getting there in ways where people really make tremendous contributions.

The greats play to win, and they know what it takes to win. Sometimes that means not getting their way all the time. The greats know it’s not them alone doing a scene.

If people know you’re willing to listen and say yes and embrace a new idea, they trust that and they’re also much more willing to hear a no.

If people know you’re open to growing through their contributions, it creates an environment where people feel really invested.”

Stephanie Chung

Chief Growth Officer for Wheels Up
Former President of JetSuite
National Business Aviation Association Advisor

“Unconscious bias is not a trend—it’s a real thing—and it has the ability to hurt real people.

Let’s develop our abilities to see people for who they are, not who we’ve been programmed to think they are.

As leaders, the world is looking to us to bring stability to this emotional chaos we find ourselves in.”

Deb Liu

President & CEO of Ancestry
Founder, Women In Product
Business Insider’s Most Powerful
Female Engineers


“There is a gap in the world that’s waiting for you to fill it.

Don’t stay silent in a world that wants to silence you.

Every time you let someone put words in your mouth, hold back from sharing your opinion, or standing up for yourself, you are giving away your power.

We spend so much of our lives unaware of the impact we have on others, but that impact is what you will leave behind when you’re gone.

Whatever legacy you want to leave behind, don’t wait 10 or 20 years to start forging it. Start today.”

Bob Iger

Former CEO & Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company
A Fortune 25 Most Powerful People in Business
New York Times Best Selling Author


“Business is about interpersonal relationships with people that you work for, that you work with, that work for you, that you’re in business with. And the better those relationships are, the better the business is.

When you think about strong relationships, and you tick off the attributes that contribute to a strong relationship, trust should be on everybody’s list, if not at the top of the list.

It’s extremely important for a leader to be straight with people, to call it like it is, and to create a set of expectations for people in terms of what the future may be—but to never lose a sense of hope. It’s optimism with a dose of realism tied to it.”

Jon Acuff

Leadership Expert
Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker
New York Times Best-Selling author

“Everyone you’re serving wants to know two things: Do you see me? Do I matter?

Overthinking is the most expensive thing companies invest in.

Great thoughts lead to great actions. Great actions lead to great results.

Culture is a collection of soundtracks playing consistently at a company.

Crisis magnifies kindness.

When you ask someone what they need, they become visible and valuable.”