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Fashion with a Silver Lining

Bright colored necklaces are a fun summer accessory.

Written By Marcy Sparr

StyleBOOK - Fashion with a silver lining
Marcy Sparr from LUXE wearhouse at home with her son, Austin, and daughter Sienna.

Finding the good during difficult times can be challenging, but now more than ever it is important that we do just that. The requirement for LUXE to temporarily close in March along with many other businesses came with a wave of emotions. We felt overwhelmed with the thought of what this meant for us and this business we spent so many years building. Sadness, for people that would be out of work and possibly wondering how they could feed their families. Fear, for those who would have their health be affected by the virus. Despite these emotions, we felt hopeful that within the bad there would be something good, and we would find a silver lining.

Suddenly, we now find ourselves confined to our homes with more time on our hands. Staying in has given us time to reconnect with our families, play games, watch movies, and cuddle with our kids on the couch. We can start to check off the list of things that need to be done around the house and even find some time for ourselves. Our lives that seemed to be moving too fast and juggling too much, have suddenly slowed to a new pace. When we step back and slow down, everything becomes much clearer. There, in that moment, we find our silver lining.

Jeans Tops Necklaces
Left: When life gives you lemons, add a pop of color like this fun lemon T-shirt. Right: Bright colored necklaces are a fun summer accessory.

What’s next for LUXE? Like so many others, we are pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone to try new things and find ways to keep up with the changing times. We look forward to the days ahead when LUXE wearhouse reopens its doors and we welcome back our customers with a smile. We will welcome summer fashion with bright colors and the warm weather that follows. This year, we encourage our customers to be bold and find the items that make them feel good. It’s amazing how what you wear can change your mood.

As things settle, it is our hope we take with us what we learned during this experience. We want to continue with family game night and cuddling with our kids. We can’t wait to dine out at local restaurants, hug our parents, and return to the fields to watch our kids play sports. We are going take that trip, buy that new outfit, and stop putting off the things we want to do. Through it all, we will be thankful for the silver lining in all of this and realizing what is truly important.

– End –

LUXE wearhouse now has two locations as well as an ONLINE store:

  • 20771 N. Rand Road in Kildeer
  • 863 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Vernon Hills.

To learn more, call 847-438-4880 or visit online at

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