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Letter from the Editor

Art Helps Solve Problems

By Lisa Stamos

A new body of research confirms what we intuitively already know. That art is good for us. Authors Susan Magsamen (Johns Hopkins) and Ivy Ross (Google) have teamed up to present neuroaesthetics in their new book, “Your Brain on Art.” This authoritative guide makes the evidence-based case that our bodies and minds are literally wired for art, that self-expression is a necessary birthright, and that art is a foundation for humanity. They say that art builds culture; culture builds community; and community builds humanity.

Our arts and culture issue showcases local artists, student artists, our Quintessential Person, Brigid Tileston, who runs the entire Barrington 220 arts program, an important new podcast, an exclusive interview with the Britfield series of books creator C. R. Stewart, the Parker Player Theater Company’s new stage, and more.

When I saw Pooja Chatterji’s art (cover story), I was mesmerized. Her color palette is gorgeous, and it’s been so fun to watch her grow as an artist. She started art at a young age, but set it aside for a business track where she earned a Ph.D. in Economics and taught at American universities. Her family encouraged her to return to art, and she is thriving.

Don’t forget to grab the magnet inside on page 41 to put on your fridge. It’s a reminder of all the great summer events offered by the Village of Barrington and the Barrington Cultural Commission.

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