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Tartans for the Trust

Highlander Festival at Cresswood Farm Helps Support BACT’s Land Preservation for Future Generations

Story By Lisa Stamos

Photography by Linda M. Barrett

Inset photo: A visit from SOUL Harbour Ranch.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT) hosted its multi-generational Highlander festival at Cresswood Farm. This year’s event was graciously hosted by Christy Cressey at her farm in Barrington Hills. The afternoon was a reminder of the benefits of open spaces, and how wonderful it is to be outside in fresh air with friends and family, to have places for children to run and roam, and to enjoy live music and picnics at a festive gathering.

“Tartans for the Trust” is an annual fundraiser in support of preserving our community’s rare and exceptional open spaces for current and future generations. BACT permanently preserves open spaces through conservation easements and land donations, restores natural habitats, and inspires conservation stewards for a vision of sustainable, beautiful environments. Learn more at BACTrust.org.