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Into the Blue

A fresh look at the moods, inspirations, and places that Pantone’s Color of the Year “Classic Blue” can take us.

Produced and Written By Natalie Schebil

Photography By Linda M. Barrett

Modeled By anna Nourbash

Ever daydream while looking up at the blue sky at dusk? Detached from your reality and embracing a blissful and stress-free state of mind… wondering what is going to happen next?

If you answered no, I would be surprised. It’s very common and part of human nature to escape or go into a brief mediation several times during our day.

Blue, from a psychological point of view, creates calmness, stability, and peace. No wonder we are drawn to such an approachable and relatable color found in nature.

Our world around us may cause us to feel a lot of insecurities and restlessness. A new year calls for a tranquil and reliable foundation—mentally, physically, and within our surroundings. It’s more about how color makes your feel, not just how it looks on a wall, especially within the spaces we reside.

Adding this deep hue within one’s home can be applied through different products, textures, and finishes. This can be easily achieved with the right knowledge and guidance. Here are my tips to help you achieve your surrounding desires.

The Monochromatic Palette

If you are feeling bold, and are looking to move away from universal neutrals, a monochromatic palette will feel more intimate to you. Monochromatic means “of or having one color”. In this, case our main color is blue, and we work in other graded tones and textures within the scheme to match the color composition.

The smartest trick to start with is to blend one’s furniture with the walls. Sherwin Williams paint color Navel is velvety blue that expresses tradition, as well as boldness. Pairing blue fabrics in your furniture becomes easy to do. Just match them up to the wall color.

The most important takeaway in a monochromic palette is texture! Texture adds interest and depth to the eye. Without texture, a room will quickly read flat. This can be achieved by pairing blue items within the same general color area, that have different finishes such as glassware or marble, or fluffy pillows with lush trim. Mixed metals, such as decorative door pulls and knobs add that extra pop of elegance. I like to think of them as the “jewelry or sparkle” that completes the look of an outfit.

Some may not be ready to fully dive “Into the Blue” just yet, and that’s ok. Bravo! The first step is done knowing a positive change is needed for your well-being. Now you are looking for a space to show this new awakening.

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The Mixed Palette

A mixed palette of blues and supporting neutrals may be the most comforting to do.

The key here is take smaller steps and add blue items that POP. Start with a subtle warm wall color and add elements that stand out in different values of blue.

Try adding a woven throw, a lively pillow on the couch, or doing a bold wallpaper accent at the back of a bookcase to display contrasting items.

White kitchens that need an update can easily be transformed by adding a textured light blue subway tile at the backsplash.

In need of a moody powder room? Finish a cabinet vanity in Navel blue with a light blue onyx marble top. For the floor, a peacock blue penny-round mosaic with mixed neutrals creates a calming pattern.

Last finishing touch, add a scented, patterned candle that takes you to your Zen place while daydreaming away… Into the Blue.

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Anna Nourbash is a senior at Barrington High School. She enjoys running, painting, and keeping bees. She is also the co-president of a club at Barrington High School called “Girl Effect Barrington”. This nonprofit is run by a local group of girls who hold fundraisers from which proceeds are donated to 60 Million Girls. Established in 2006, the Montreal-based public foundation has a mission to educate girls in developing countries.

Natalie Schebil is the founder of Natalie Marie Design Group. Her clients include hospitality groups such as Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott as well as Chicago boutique hotels. In 2012, she founded Natalie Marie Design Group. Her portfolio includes new construction single family homes in Lincoln Park,
complete renovations in the iconic Watertower building, and residential projects in the Northwest Suburbs. Reach her at natalie@nmdesigngroup.biz or call 312-375-7572. Visit nataliemariedesigngroup.biz.

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