September / October

What I Know That Is Certain

The 2020-21 school year marks my 34th year working in public education. In that time I’ve worked in different posi-tions, at different schools, and in different school districts.

July / august

Barb Romano Interview

At the end of June, Barb Romano retired after serving 15 years as principal of Barrington 220’s Early Learning Center (ELC).

May / June

#Binspired in Barrington 220

The mission of the Barrington 220 School District is: “Inspiring All Learners to Achieve Excellence”. From students, to staff, to alumni, each of us finds inspiration in our own unique way.

March / April

Your Barrington 220 Vote Matters

As one of the highest rated school districts in Illinois, Barrington 220 inspires all learners to achieve excellence. However, some of the district’s buildings are showing their age.

January / February

Barrington 220’s Bridge to the Future

As one of the highest rated school districts in the entire state, Barrington 220 inspires all learners to achieve excellence. Here are some of the highlights about our students and the school district that serves them.


November / December

Barrington 220 Aces The Taste Test

From Sushi Mondays at Barrington High School to fresh fruit smoothies at Barrington 220 middle schools, students have enjoyed healthier options and more variety in their school cafeterias for the past few months.

September / October

Barrington 220 Kicks Off School Year with Safety Week

During the week of September 23–27, 2019, Barrington 220 will hold its 2nd annual Safety Week. The goal is to raise awareness about school safety among Barrington 220 students, staff, and community members.

July / August

Introducing Penny Kazmier as Barrington 220 Board President

In 2011, Penny Kazmier was voted the Daily Herald “Cook of the Year”, but she still knows the phone number to Rosati’s Pizza by heart. It came in handy many nights, while raising and juggling the schedules of her four children.