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Heidner’s Annual Poolside Gathering Honors the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

The 5th annual fundraising event

Story By Lisa Stamos

Photography By Linda M. Barrett

The Heidner family at their event.

On the evening of July 24, 2021, Barrington Hills residents Alisa and Rick Heidner and family hosted their extraordinary 5th annual fundraising event in support of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. This year, the poolside gala was held at Collin Heidner’s home, a gorgeous country estate reminiscent of the rural Cotswolds in England. Proceeds from the event surpassed a stunning $604,000. “I am overwhelmed with our community’s generosity,” Rick Heidner said. “This will help so many families through the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. It’s such a beautiful event and gives me great joy,” Heidner said of his family’s labor of love that supports the foundation.

Seventy percent of families who have a child battling cancer run the risk of financial bankruptcy, says Abby Suarez, executive director of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. During Rizzo’s own cancer treatment years ago, his mom, Laurie, left her job. At the same time, Rizzo’s grandmother was fighting breast cancer. “No family can plan for a medical experience such as cancer,” Suarez said. Knowing the weight that an entire family bears, Rizzo created the foundation to help others with similar challenges.

This year’s gathering was a welcome chance to see family and friends after the pandemic had shut down social events. Seeing Anthony Rizzo is always exciting, yet after the event, somewhat bittersweet, as guests learned a few weeks after the event that Rizzo has moved to New York to play with the Yankees. Yet Rick Heidner believes the fundraising must go on. We’ll stay tuned to see what is possible!

Row 1: The event was held at Collin Heidner’s home seen here. Row 2: Judy and Brad Stetson. Hollie Mansfield and Fred Hoffmann. Row 3: Andy and Robin Kelleher. Abby Suarez is the executive director of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.
Row 1: Joe, Chris, Nick, and Brooke Elias. Row 2: Mike and Sheila Miller and Matt Gabler. Row 3: Igor Staron and Vince Bonfiglio. Courtney McEnery and Alex Kugar.
Row 1: Anthony Rizzo and Chase Heidner. Row 2: Rick Heidner and Anthony Rizzo. Martin McLaughlin with Jessica and Mark Hoffmann. Hunter, Vanessa, and Carter Parrish with Diana Dominick.
– End –

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